Christina Tzani's "Tender Wounds" at GalleryX

GalleryX – the new Dublin space for unsettling art – hosts from January 23rd to February 20th 2016 the work of Greek painter Christina Tzani and it is her very first solo exhibition. Christina's art focuses on capturing images of abused children. The victim's feelings as sorrow, fear, isolation, rejection and abandonment are represented on her canvases and drawings.
What makes her artworks powerful is also the use of pleasing colors for such a sensitive social issue as children maltreatment is. Strong red colours describe the violence, the despair and the erosion of humanity whereas grey in contrast with white backgrounds is used to pinpoint the thin line between beauty and ugliness as well as the nightmare these children live. The main objective of the artist's work is to alert and sensitise the viewers. As Giovanni Giusti states in his press release message, "By using pleasing colours and calm white backgrounds to lure the viewer closer to these monstrous images, Christina continues in this tradition and creates a distorted, unsettling world of beauty and mutilation, harmony and horror. Her works in ink and oil connect today’s reality and the ominous, unknown outcome of these small wounded lives."
The exhibition includes oil paintings and ink drawings on paper and on canvas, and will be opened on 22 January at 6 p.m. in the presence of the artist and of H.E. Mrs. Katia Georgiou, Ambassador of Greece in Ireland. A musical performance will take place during the opening.
Artist bio
Christina Tzani is a graduate of the University of Western Macedonia’s School of Fine Arts (Florina, Greece) and has taken part in many group exhibitions, including “Fresh ’15: Happy Accidents”, “Biennial Castra 2015”, “Fid Prize 7”and “7th Biennial of Students of the Fine Arts Schools of Greece”. She works mainly through the medium of painting.

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