New fashion jewelry collections by Daphne Valente

Daphne Valente after a three year absence from the Greek fashion world, she relaunched her brand with a store in 3-6 Axarlian Street in Athens and has already presented two collections for Spring Summer 2015. The first one is called 'Floating Elements' and is a collection of hand made, fashion jewelry, in playful colors, borrowing raw materials from Haute Couture and destined to be sold in fashion retailers all over Greece.

In the "A Jewel made in Greece" exhibition at Technopolis in Athens, a group show of 36 jewelry designers, Valente presented her "Hellenic Fragments" line, made of precious metals and semi precious stones. In order to design this collection, she travelled back in time, armed with her vivid imagination she deconstructed Ancient Greek symbols like the spiral, attempting to bridge the past and the present in her own style. Metal fragments are suspended from fine filaments, hematite beads are floating, in a delicate balance between memories of the past and contemporary trends.


copyright Akiss Paraskevopoulos, 'Floating Elements' collection Cascading necklace by Daphne Valente


copyright Akiss Paraskevopoulos, 'Hellenic Fragments' Gold plated silver ring by Daphne Valente


copyright Akiss Paraskevopoulos, 'Floating Elements' Orchard necklace by Daphne Valente


copyright Akiss Paraskevopoulos, Hellenic Fragments, Gold plated silver 925 pendant by Daphne Valente


copyright Akiss Paraskevopoulos, 'Floating elements' Wild crystal mobile necklace by Daphne Valente

Daphne Valente was born in Athens, Greece.

She studied Fashion Design at F.I.T. in N.Y. and at St Martins School of Art in London. Her degree collection of printed Trompe l' oeil dresses, was launched in Browns.

As a fashion designer she had a long and successful career in Greece and abroad, using as her inspiration the Ancient Greek statues, creating 'Fluid Sculptures', draped, pleated, timeless dresses, impossible to mass produce, therefore unique.

In 1999 she introduced hand made, jewelry in her collections and she rediscovered a creative passion she cherished since her childhood. She presented her jewelry in Art galleries in Athens and Thessaloniki, producing only a limited amount of repeats in her designs.

In 2003 she had her first solo exhibition in Gallery 3, in Athens, presenting a collection of one off, mobile, collage pieces, inspired by the art of Da Vinci, Carravaggio, Alma Tadema and Gustav Klimt.

She became president of the Hellenic Fashion Designers Association in 2004 and for 4 years she focused on launching and organizing 'Athens Collections' the Greek fashion week.

In 2010 celebrating 25 years in fashion she organized an exhibition of her jewelry at I.E.T.T. in Kifissia and she invited along 25 photographers who were asked to photograph her pleated scarves, expressing in their own unique way 'Lightness of being' the theme of the show.

In order to design her jewelry, her inner child is released and is lovingly combining, deconstructing, breaking straight lines, creating movement, in a delicate balance between memories of the past and contemporary trends. She lives in Athens and in Cape Sounion with her husband, a dog and two cats.

PeAn ChKa

He is an Informatics teacher and She is a nursery teacher. They both share their love for design and arts.